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Tejas Aero is known nationally and internationally as the ultimate in refurbishment of aircraft paint and interiors.

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One Of A Kind Designs


Custom Aircraft Paint

Premier destination for specialized custom aircraft paint services. One of a kind designs.

Custom Interior Refurbishments

Trusted partner for exceptional custom interior refurbishments for aircraft.

Partial Paint And Touchups

Premier destination for partial paint and touch-up services for aircraft.

Installation Of Stainless Steel Camlocks

professional installation services for stainless steel camlocks in the aviation industry

Tinted Windows On Pressurized Aircrafts

Premier provider of professional tinted windows installation services for pressurized aircraft

Corrosion Repair And Sheetmetal Repair

Trusted partner for professional corrosion repair and sheet metal services in the aviation industry.

Our Partners

Performance and Parts

Performance Modifications

We are officially partnered with Aircraft Performance Modifications Inc to enhance your aircraft's performance


We are officially partnered with Knots 2 U LTD from where you can order replacement parts for your aircraft

Who We Are

About Us

Tejas Aero has earned a renowned reputation both domestically and globally for being the leading choice in aircraft paint and interior refurbishment. Discerning owners who demand nothing short of perfection consistently choose Tejas Aero and never fail to be impressed.

At Tejas Aero, we are fully committed to delivering exceptional refurbishment and refinishing services for a wide range of aircraft, including general aviation, corporate jets, turbo-props, helicopters, experimental aircraft, and home-built aircraft.


Paint Jobs

Full paint jobs and schemes, Partial paint and touch-ups, Registration number changes, Fiberglass repair, Installation and more.


Tejas Aero is one of the best companies that we have worked with.


Tejas Aero customer service is some of the best we have ever had with ocea forwarders we like to ship as much as possible with you all of guys'.